1. What’s The Difference Between The Alligator And Crocodile?

  2. danmeth:

    Have you ever noticed that Iron Man and Winnie the Pooh both kinda rock the same outfit?

  3. OMG Jenny, I’d be super into this if it were real


    Hipster Potter and the Philosophers Stoned

    Hipster Potter and the Chamber of Underground Music

    Hipster Potter and the Prisoner of Upper-Middle Class White America

    Hipster Potter and the Goblet of PBR

    Hipster Potter and the Order of the Flannel

    Hipster Potter and the Half-Snorted Line

    Hipster Potter and the You’ve Probably Never Heard of It

  4. Fact; it was awesome


    Reblogging for Gina. This was awesome. 


  5. OMG! Did you hear that Kate and Will are getting married. Well if you have a TV, or a radio, or the internet than you are probably sick of them by now. But that is no excuse to not get all sorts of crafty. Like this


  6. Day 6: Favorite Horror

    Ok, so I LURVE scary movies and cannot pick just one so….

    1st favorite, The Shinning. SO FAB and SO SCARY. And I really want to be the Grady Twins with someone for Halloween.

    2nd-The Sixth Sense. If I start watching this on TV, I have to finish it. And its still really creepy even when you do know the ending. For example, when Cole goes to the funeral to help the Mischa Barton ghost, you can overhear another funeral goer saying “Its such a shame the younger girl has the same sickness.”


  7. Day 5: Favorite Action

    So I’m skipping this. I probably have a favorite action movie somewhere in brain but this is a boring question for me….so instead.

    Favorite movie couple; by and far Jesse and Buzz from Toy Story. Can you even argue with that? I would ship that.


  8. Day 4: Favorite Drama

    This a bit easier than yesterday since drama is my favorite genre of movies (vague, I know). So right now my favorite drama is Little Children. If you have not seen Little Children, you need to watch it right now. It is amazing and thought provoking and beautiful and sad. Whenever I see it on TV I have to watch it and I always end up bawling at the end.  


  9. Day 3: Favorite Comedy

    So, I’m back. At least for one more day, still don’t know how long this will be kept up. Anyways….

    Is The Royal Tenenbaums a comedy? If so, I’m voting that as my favorite. Its funny (sometimes) but honestly my favorite parts are not funny, so I guess to me its not a comedy. But whats ya goona do? I’m sure there is another comedy I love more (500 Days of Summer? Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?) but I’m sticking with it.

  10. Isn’t this lovely?

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